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PPBSO April Judges’ Seminar Again Invites the World

The Piper’s and Pipe Band Society of Ontario will again open its annual judges’ seminar to piping and pipe band organizations from around the world.

The online workshop is set for Saturday, April 9th, co-ordinated by the PPBSO’s Music Committee, with this year’s session spearheaded by Hugh Cameron, Kate Dudek and Music Committee Chair, Jim McGillivray. The aim of the workshop is to support the sharing of knowledge and perspectives that might enhance those sets of skills that support a judge’s ability to produce the best outcomes for all competitors.

This year’s seminar covers both solo and band areas of expertise. Guest panelists include John Cairns, Mike Cole, Andrew Elliott, Jack Lee, Terry Lee, Eric MacNeill, Stevie McQuillan, Steven McWhirter, Jim Kilpatrick, Johnny Rowe, Doug Stronach and Dr Jack Taylor.

Peter Aumonier, Andrea Boyd, Kyle Heaney, Steven Hill and Jim McGillivray will each be moderating a panel discussion. The drumming portion of the workshop is scheduled to begin at 9:00 AM (EDT) with pipers to follow at 10:00 AM.

Last year’s session included participants from 12 different organizations all spanning no fewer than 12 time zones.

For more information on PPBSO judging certification see pages 8-12 of the rule book. If you would like to enquire further about becoming a judge please email the PPBSO’s Administrator for additional information.

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