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PPBSO 75th Anniversary Youth Ensemble Announced!

The Pipers’ & Pipe Band Society of Ontario is happy to announce the formation of a new youth-focused program. 

In recognition of the PPBSO’s 75th anniversary (in 2022) and in line with the Society’s shift to becoming an organization with more of an education-focus, the PPBSO is aiming to bring together piping and drumming youth (aged 18 and under) from across the province. The 75th Anniversary Youth Ensemble will perform Amazing Grace and a Drum Fanfare in the final massed bands at each of the PPBSO-sanctioned Highland Games in the summer of 2022.

John McKay (L) and Scott Nicholson

The 75th Anniversary Youth Ensemble is being developed and led by the PPBSO’s Education Committee. Committee Chair and director of the program’s piping component, John McKay, said, “This initiative will be a nice touch to all the good things underway that will mark our 75th. The time commitment for pipers and drummers will not be big. We’re looking to provide a youth-centred performance place that helps pipers and drummers have fun making music while working to be better contributing members of their current bands”.

Scott Nicholson, director of the ensemble’s percussion, added, “The drum fanfare will offer keen young drummers a chance to work on fundamentals while creating a fun and crowd-pleasing presentation.”

The program’s plan sees members participating monthly and may consist of online and in-person sessions with instructors located in Eastern Ontario, Toronto, Niagara and Western Ontario. Players will be expected to attend sessions in their area and work independently at home.

The PPBSO’s long-term aspiration is to have a permanent youth pipe band program that represents the whole of the province. Role model youth programs include those connected with the National Piping Centre in Scotland and The Royal New Zealand Pipe Band Association.

For detailed information, including how to get involved please click here.


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