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New Music Committee Chair

On behalf of both the Board of Directors and the Music Committee, I’m pleased to announce that Lynda Mackay has been appointed as the new Chair of the Music Committee. Lynda has been an active member of our community for decades. She competed in several bands and as a soloist at all levels for almost 30 years (including as the Pipe Major of the former Strathnaver Pipe Band). She has taught both piping and drumming at The College of Piping in Summerside, PEI, and has been an active teacher of piping for almost 25 years. For the past decade Lynda has been a certified PPBSO Judge for both solo piping and bands, and has been an active member of the Music Committee for the past several years.

The Board and the Music Committee are both excited to see Lynda take on this new role.

For more information on the current membership of the Music Committee, please refer to the Music Committee page on the PPBSO website.

Chris Buchanan, President


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