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New Learning Subsidy for PPBSO Amateur Drummers!

With an eye on the future of drumming excellence in the province, The Pipers’ & Pipe Band Society of Ontario has today committed to providing financial support for those amateur drumming members interested in pursuing tuition at places like workshops, seminars and summer schools.

With an annual budget currently set at $1000 the plan will see $200 learning subsidies provided to each of five solo drummers (bass, tenor or snare) to assist the financial cost of an educational session – again – like a workshop or summer school.

“We are doing what we can to allocate tight resources to developing the musicianship of our membership,” said, Jim McGillivray, Chair, PPBSO Music Committee. He added, “We recently partnered with The Piobaireachd Society to help advance our solo amateur pipers and I think this kind of initiative will help encourage our drumming community.”

“Its a modest start,” said Michael Grey, PPBSO president, “but we’ve got to start somewhere. As we encounter new funding opportunities these initiatives will naturally grow in size and scope – for both drummers and pipers.”

Interested drummers should email our administrator, Sharon Duthart, with details of their planned educational session. The subsidy will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis with final approval of the subsidy application made by the Music Committee of the PPBSO.


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