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Kingsville Quartets Entry Form!

Further to our February announcement of the Kingsville Games' quartet piping contest (and $1500 participation prize draw!) the entry form is provided here (note, separate from our Master Entry Form).

Note: NO entry fee is required. Entry is free.

Prize money for each quartet contest: $300-$200-$100

Information & requirements:

Combined Grades 1-2

  • 1 Medley - 5 to 7 minutes

Grade 3

  • 1 Medley - 3 to 6 minutes

Grade 4

  • 1 Medley - 3 to 5 minutes

Grade 5

  • 1 March Medley in Quick-time - 2:45 to 4:30 minutes

The quartets category offers competition opportunities to four pipers comprised of members registered with a band.

If a quartet of pipers wishes to participate and pipers are not registered members of a band then a quartet representative should submit a note to the PPBSO Administrator in advance of entry deadline (with information related to the experience levels of participating pipers) for direction on an appropriate grade of entry.

No contest will conflict with each grade's band event; quartets will follow the respective grade's band contest.

A reminder entries should be received by the PPBSO no later than 3 weeks before the contest.

Enter today! Support the games and this fun new event!