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Toronto Branch 2021-2022 Knock-out ready for entries!

The Toronto Knockout is back with the same proctored video format as last year. Depending on how the world goes, the branch may switch to live meetings at some point; if so, they will take place on the video submission dates.

The PPBSO Toronto Branch VIRTUAL KNOCKOUT aims to capture the tense excitement of having only one chance to get it right, and then streaming from one server, without worry about the Internet connectivity of the competitor’s location. Last year’s competitors and judges all spoke positively of how “close to live competition” the experience was.

The Knockout is open to drummers or pipers who are current members of the PPBSO or its affiliated organizations around the world.

Ian K MacDonald, last season’s winner of the professional piping section of the knockout contest

  1. Competitors will record their competition piece in an MP4 video file with a Toronto Branch Proctor watching via Internet. As at a regular competition, there will be only one take. This will be done at an agreed-upon time in the few days before the closing date for the event. Where the competitor is required to submit multiple tunes, the judge will predetermine the tunes to be played and the proctor will inform you what tune is being played.

  2. Proper Highland Dress is required – see the PPBSO Rule Book, Appendix 1 for a definition if you are new to competition.

  3. Drummers may play their selections to recorded piping or to a live piper.

  4. The competitor will immediately upload the MP4 file to a dedicated Drive.

  5. The order of play will be generated and the videos will be connected in that order for judging.

  6. The judge will watch and complete the score sheets.

  7. Family, friends, and other enthusiasts may purchase a pass to watch one or all of the events in the VIRTUAL KNOCKOUT 2021 series to be streamed on specified dates (competitors are entitled to watch the livestream as part of their competition entry fee).

  8. Remember, the branch relies on the entry fees for all competitions to support the ongoing branch events and new workshop events.

  9. As always, we will attempt to provide you with excellent recitalists to round out your VIRTUAL KNOCKOUT 2021-2022 experience.

Round 1 Information: Enter by October 10th 2021 11:59PM Submit by October 16th 2021 11:59PM Streamed on October 23rd 2021 TBD

Visit the Toronto Branch’s website for more detail, including information on how to enter!

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