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Real-time Contest Status! PPBSO pilots the use of WhatsApp!

With a view to improve the timing of band competitions and ensure bands know the precise status of a pipe band competition The Pipers’ & Pipe Band Society of Ontario is piloting the use of the popular (and free) messaging app, “WhatsApp”.

Starting at Cobourg this Saturday, June 17, bands will have the chance to participate using this easy-to-use app.

Said one of the PPBSO’s, Senior Steward’s, Rob McGregor, “we’re aiming to have WhatsApp ensure we provide bands with as close to real-time knowledge of the order of play and contest playing status as possible”.

Here’s how WhatsApp will be used by the PPBSO:

On the day of the games this will happen:

  1. The PPBSO's Senior Steward will create WhatsApp "Groups" for each Competition circle.

  2. Band reps for each band will be invited to join the appropriate WhatsApp group (i.e. "Circle 1" or "Circle 2")

    1. The Steward in the tuning area will manage the WhatsApp "Group" (i.e: admitting new members, providing updates to bands in that "Group")

    2. The tuning area steward will share information to the designated band representatives in the WhatsApp "Group".


  • Band reps will need to install WhatsApp on their device (one rep per band for each “Group” please)

  • A band rep must see the designated Band Steward (in person - so we know your identity) to be added to the group (a very simple process - reps will simply scan a QR Code for admission to their band’s respective circle "Group")


  • The WhatsApp “Group” will not used be for Q&A. It will ONLY be used to provide order of play information and related contest updates.

  • Questions not related to order of play will be ignored, except for emergencies.

  • Once competition day is completed, the "Groups" will be disbanded.

  • Members can leave the "Group" at any time.

  • The use of this service falls under the "PPBSO Expectations of Membership”. Unprofessional comments will not be tolerated.

  • If a band chooses not to use WhatsApp (or if the service is not available), bands are expected to have a "runner” available to get updates on schedules.

  • Joining a contest “Circle Group” will be available once the band meeting ends - and can be done any time afterwards.

Bands should know that joining the PPBSO’s pilot use of WhatsApp is optional. The aim is to make use of technology that is available to improve the competition and overall games-day experience for everyone!

The WhatsApp pilot will be discussed at our Saturday morning band meeting!

The link, again, to download WhatsApp here.

See you at Cobourg!