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PPBSO approves new “Expectations of Membership”

Last week the Board of Directors of The Pipers’ & Pipe Band Society unanimously approved the adoption of a new policy related to member conduct. As outlined in the introduction to the policy (download here), “Every member of the PPBSO is expected to actively contribute to fostering an environment that makes participation a positive and rewarding experience. This PPBSO Member Expectations Policy is intended, in conjunction with PPBSO By-Laws, Policies and Procedures and the PPBSO Rule Book ... to provide guidance for members and associates in their various behaviours and interactions.”

Said PPBSO president, Michael Grey, “I’m grateful for the thoughtful work of our governance team, especially Kevin Shand, Chair of the Governance committee and Charlie MacDonald, our Governance Chair Emeritus; this piece of work helps underscore the importance of ensuring members enjoy a safe, positive and healthy playing environment.”

For information of members and affiliated members taking part in our contests a copy of the core Expectations of Membership will be posted at all PPBSO administrative headquarters (the white tent) at each summer highland games.

See you at the games!


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