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Massed Bands Tunes 411!

Congratulations to all who took part in Georgetown games this passed Saturday! The games of The Pipers’ & Pipe Band Society of Ontario are off and running!

Bands have an extra week to shine up, “The Diamond Anniversary March” (score and recordings here). We will be performing this in massed bands at Cobourg games this coming Saturday!

For everyone’s reference here are the additional tunes that may be called in our massed band performances:

79th’s Farewell To Gibraltar (2/4)

Amazing Grace (3/4)

Bonnie Dundee (6/8)

Brown Haired Maiden, The (2/4)

Earl of Mansfield, The (2/4)

Glendaruel Highlanders, The (6/8)

Green Hills of Tyrol, The (3/4)

Highland Laddie (2/4)

Mairi’s Wedding (2/4)

Road to the Isles (2/4)

Scotland the Brave (4/4)

Wings (4/4)


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