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Championship Supreme Trophies (& “The William Livingstone” Prize)

The PPBSO’s Board of Directors has approved the creation of perpetual trophies for overall season winners of each Championship Supreme category for both bands and soloists. These perpetual, or “challenge”, trophies will be retained by each contest category winner for one year and returned to The Pipers’ & Pipe Band Society of Ontario with the winner’s name engraved.

“We’re looking for ways to further enhance the prestige of a Championship Supreme win while helping mark our history in the retention of a permanent record of champions,” said Michael Grey, PPBSO, President.

To kick off the initiative the first trophy has been established, “The William Livingstone Claret Jug” for the overall season winner in the performance of professional piobaireachd. Bill was presented the cup at a gathering this past weekend to mark his recent 80th Birthday.

Bill Livingstone: a lifetime of piping ensures no candle flame is safe; the new trophy

“‘The Championship Supreme” trophy program offers interested businesses, bands and individuals a way to promote or pay tribute to an individual, family, band or firm,” added Grey.

Those interested in creating a trophy in any one of the available categories should contact the PPBSO’s administrator.

Available categories:

Grade 1 Pipe Band

Grade 2 Pipe Band

Grade 3 Pipe Band

Grade 5 Pipe Band

Grade 2 Light Music

Intermediate Amateur Piobaireachd

Grade 3 Light Music

Junior Amateur Piobaireachd

Grade 4 Light Music

Grade 5 Light Music

Professional Snare Drumming

Grade 2 Snare Drumming

Grade 3 Snare Drumming

Grade 4 Snare Drumming

Grade 5 Snare Drumming

Professional Tenor

Grade 1 Tenor

Grade 2 Tenor

Grade 4 Tenor

Grade 5 Tenor

Amateur Bass

Professional Drum Major

Amateur Drum Major

A note that all trophy sponsorships are subject to approval by the Board of Directors of the PPBSO.


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