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Apply to be added to the PPBSO teacher’s list!

The PPBSO website will now have a list of Ontario piping and drumming instructors available for use by those wishing to learn pipes or drums.

All members interested in having their names added to the list should complete the form and follow the simple submission instructions. Applicants will be reviewed by a joint member of the Education and Music committees before being added to the list.

This past April The Pipers’ & Pipe Band Society of Ontario announced a free-to-the-public “Come & Try” the bagpipes and drums initiative for a number of our Highland games. The tent will be staffed by volunteer pipers and drummers keen to ensure those people interested can get an up-close look at the instruments we play - and - we hope - take an interest in learning more.

At the “Come & Try” tent we will be distributing cards that will give those interested contact information for finding a teacher in their area.

Our website is now loaded with both a “teacher-search” form and a “request-to-be-added" to our database of teacher’s list.

Said, Malcolm Bow, chair, PPBSO Education Committee, “This is an exciting development as this is the first time in PPBSO history where we have a central database of available teachers to share with the public”, adding, “special thanks has to go to Jaymee McCarthy who has put in countless hours to help make this happen.”


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