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2022 Championship Supreme Winners!

Congratulations to all those members of The Pipers’ & Pipe Band Society of Ontario who enjoyed a season of sustained performance excellence at the Highland Games we sanction! The following is a complete list of Championship Supreme winners across solo and band categories. Winners will receive their awards, Saturday, October 22, 2022, at the PPBSO’s Diamond Anniversary ceilidh, at the Royal Military College’s Staff Sergeant’s Mess in Kingston, Ontario. More information on this exciting event, including how to purchase tickets, can be found here!

Solo Piping & Drumming

Professional Piobaireachd “A” Andrea Boyd Professional Piobaireachd “B” Tyler Bridge Professional Light Music Ian K MacDonald Grade 1 Light Music Mark McLennan Senior Amateur Piobaireachd Kayleigh Johnstone Grade 2 Light Music Alexander MacDonald Intermediate Amateur Piobaireachd Jean-Sebastien Gamache Grade 3 Light Music Jeremy Cameron Rostirolla Junior Amateur Piobaireachd Sebastien Love Grade 4 Light Music Aubre Scott Novice Piobaireachd Britany Wright Grade 5 Light Music (Youth) [tie] Tristen Dennison Iain Douglas Lynch Grade 5 Light Music (Adult) Lou Lanaro Professional Drumming Harvey Dawson Grade 1 Snare Drumming Rita DeNobriga Grade 2 Snare Drumming Thomas Litherland Grade 3 Snare Drumming Erica Cheyne Grade 4 Snare Drumming Barclay Whalen Grade 5 Snare Drumming Lillian Scott Professional Tenor Drumming Kate Dudek Grade 1 Tenor Drumming Courtney Green Grade 2 Tenor Drumming Jacqueline Terence Grade 3 Tenor Drumming Ashlynn McNabb Grade 4 Tenor Drumming Sandra Ciotti Grade 5 Tenor Drumming Karley McCrone Professional Bass Drumming Kate Dudek Amateur Bass Drumming Drew Ellis Novice Bass Drumming Graham Carroll Novice Drum Major Rene Gauthier

Pipe Bands

Grade 1 – 78th Fraser Highlanders

Grade 2 – Peel Regional Police

Grade 3 – Guelph

Grade 4 – Durham Regional Police

Grade 5 – Ryan Russell Memorial


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