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Ron Bowen





Pewaukee, WI


MWPBA - Midwest Pipe Band Association (USA)




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Beginner, Intermediate

Youth & Adult


Individual, Small Groups, Bands


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Currently Director of Music Celtic Nations Pipe Band, Milwaukee, WI

– I am a professional manager with a wide range of skills and abilities. Throughout my professional careers I have competed in Grade 1 and 2 bands and have built several successful bagpipe programs.

Piping Resume

I began my piping career in September 1971 at 20 years of age. In 1972 I competed in Grade IV, the first year for the grade in North America. In September 1972 I joined the Waterloo Regional Police Pipe Band, a Grade I band in Ontario. I played with The Clan MacFarlane Pipe Band (Gr 1) for seven years and numerous bands thereafter.

• 1972 – Kitchener Legion Branch 50 – Grade 4 (3rd place in grade at first Scottish World Festival in Toronto, Canada against 46 bands from around the world.
• 1973 – 1980 Waterloo Regional Police – Grade 1
• 1984 – Waterloo Regional Police – Pipe Major – Grade 3
• 1987 – 1993 Clan MacFarlane – Grade 1
• 1993 - Niagara Regional Police – Pipe Major – I took over a failing program with a very small number of pipers and drummers. In 1995 we won both the US and Canadian Championships in Grade 3
• 1997 – 1998 - Dofasco Pipe Band – Grade 2 North American Champions
• 1999 – 2001 - Niagara Police – Grade 2 – 2nd place finish at Worlds in 2001
• 2000 – 2005 - Braemar Pipe Band – Pipe Major – I again took over a failing program with few pipers and no drummers. Within three years we had over 100 members and three competing bands. In 2004 Braemar bands won the North American Championships at Maxville in Grade 5 and 3.
• 2006 – 2012 - Bagpipe Instruction at St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy
• 2016 – Tucson and District Pipe Band – Pipe Major
• 2019 & current – Celtic Nations Pipe Band – Director of Music

St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy – January 2006 to February 2012
• Bagpipe Program Instructor – Built highly acclaimed Bagpipe Program
• Facilitated “leadership” culture change within the Academy
• Director of Fine Arts and Foreign Language Departments
• Recipient of SJNMA “Excellence in Teaching” award 2010
• Created mentoring and customer retention programs
• Committee member “Academic Advancement” bringing experiential and differentiated learning to SJNMA

Other Professional Accomplishments

Co-founder of Productivity Solutions Group, an ACCO World business
Wrote and licensed Time for Life© time management training program
Co-Head of ACCO/Day-Timer Joint Venture - ACCO Sales Team of the Year.
Engineered new business model Ross Dixon Financial - Created franchise program
National Award for Outstanding Sales Management – Royal Trust:
National Award for Outstanding General Management – Canada Trust:

Bagpipe Accomplishments

• Co-wrote The Hal Leonard Bagpipe Method with instructional DVD
• Wrote The Hal Leonard Bagpipe Tune Collection with 50 original compositions
• Wrote and self-published Care and Maintenance of the Great Highland Bagpipe.
• Co-owner of MidWest School of Piping and Drumming.
• Recognized authority on GHB. Consulted worldwide.
• Founder and owner of with the largest on-line collection of GHB pictures and history in the world.
• Contributor - Highland Bagpipe Makers.
• Designed The Bowen Classic bagpipe by Dunbar.
• Designed The Dunbar Elite bagpipe chanter and subsequent iterations.

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