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Summer Blast! Scholarship Available!

Once again, congratulations to Caleb MacPherson, the early bird draw winner of one week of free tuition at this year’s Summer Blast!. A reminder that registrations will close on Friday, June 11. So, you have a month to submit your registration for this year’s virtual camp. Check out our website to see the amazing prizes that have been donated by our generous sponsors.

In addition, R. G. Hardie and Company is sponsoring one student (aged 18 and under) at this year’s camp.

The winner just needs to submit a short (250 words or less) letter outlining why they would be a worthy recipient.  Applicants may wish to accompany the email with a link to a short video clip of their playing.  Applications will need to be received no later than Friday, June 11.

Bob Worrall, Director, Summer Blast!


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