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Ontario adjudicators gather again after three-year absence

The PPBSO held its annual adjudicators’ seminar on Saturday, April 22 at the Toronto Police College in Etobicoke.

Nearly 40 accredited adjudicators attended to hear seminars and engage in discussions on the adjudication of piobaireachd, solo piping, band piping, band drumming, bass and tenor and ensemble.

Attendees were treated to numerous recordings of top-flight and not-so-top-flight solo and band performances. They wrote scoresheets and then discussed their ‘results’ and comments. “This kind of exchange between adjudicators is crucial in their ability to grow in their roles,” said Jim McGillivray, Chair of the Music Committee that organizes the event. “We’ve found that our people learn as much from exchanging thoughts around a performance as they do from presentation seminars.”

Piobaireachd (John Cairns), solo piping (Jim McGillivray), band piping (Peter Aumonier) and drumming (Hugh Cameron and Greg Dinsdale) were all discussed during morning sessions. The afternoon saw Greg Dinsdale present an eye-opening session on judging ensemble and what pipe band judges miss in this endeavour. Adjudicators were engaged and vocal throughout the sessions, clearly enjoying being back in person again after three years of online seminars.

PPBSO judges are required to attend a minimum of one judges’ seminar every two years to maintain their approved standing.

[pictured: Capt. John A MacLellan plays at Glenfinnan games for judges including Seton Gordon (hand on face) and Angus MacPherson of Inveran (right to him)]