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No PPBSO participation at Kincardine Games in 2023

The Pipers’ & Pipe Band Society of Ontario has been informed that the $7 million dollar “Downtown Dig” infrastructure project in the Town of Kincardine will adversely impact the participation of the PPBSO in the July 8, 2023 Kincardine Scottish Festival. Games committee representatives have advised the PPBSO that due to the construction project the town is not allowing road closures this year. The closure of roads to traffic around Victoria Park is a key feature of the games and ensures the space necessary for solo events and pipe band tuning and preparation. Without road closures the park cannot safely support the full roster of PPBSO events.

“While disappointing, under the circumstances, we think a pause in PPBSO participation at this year’s Kincardine games is the prudent way to go,” said Michael Grey, PPBSO president, adding, “we can now look to 2024 and a Kincardine games back with their usual excellent amenities that safely supports piping and drumming performance.”

Those competitors and bands that have entered will be refunded entry fees. Soloists who entered online should email our Administrator (or phone: 905-878-3000) in order to process credit card charges.


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