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Judges’ Seminar: PPBSO hosts 14 global associations

The Pipers’ & Pipe Band Society of Ontario yesterday presented its annual professional development seminar for piping and drumming judges. Like last year’s, the meeting was staged using the Zoom video platform. 120 judges from around the world registered to participate with representatives from 14 world-wide associations joining in with their PPBSO colleagues.

The day covered off a number of core piping and drumming elements including approaches to judging solo and band competitions in addition to an in-depth discussion around the judging of pipe band “ensemble”. Guest presenters for the event included:  John Cairns, Mike Cole, Andrew Elliott, Jack Lee, Terry Lee, Eric MacNeill, Stevie McQuillan, Steven McWhirter, Jim Kilpatrick, Johnny Rowe, Doug Stronach and Dr Jack Taylor.

Participating associations:

Alberta Society of Pipers & Drummers Atlantic Canada Pipe Band Association British Columbia Pipers’ Association Eastern United States Pipe Band Association Irish Pipe Band Association Midwest Pipe Band Association Pipe Bands Australia Pipe Bands Association of South Africa Pipers’ & Pipe Band Society of Ontario Prairie Pipe Band Association of Manitoba Royal New Zealand Pipe Bands’ Association Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association Saskatchewan Pipe Band Association Solo Piping Judges Association (Scotland) Western United States Pipe Band Association

The seminar required significant preparation with particular thanks to Hugh Cameron, Kate Dudek and Jim McGillivray, Chair, PPBSO Music Committee for their efforts in organizing the day’s sessions.


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