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Georgetown Announcements

Georgetown is only one week away and we have several exciting announcements. We’re always looking for additional Drum Majors to assist us during the games. Having your Drum Major at the games helps with the organization of the massed bands and makes everything run more smoothly. We understand that not all band Drum Majors may be comfortable in a massed bands environment, so we pleased to announce that Drum Major Shannon Brooks will be offering a seminar during the afternoon for all Drum Majors. This is a great opportunity for all the Drum Majors out there to develop their drill skills, discuss strategies, and work commanding both a single band and a wave. This will be the first of several seminars (including at both Cambridge and Fergus). All interested Drum Majors should attend the band meeting at 11:00, and a discussion about the seminar will follow.

We’re also pleased to announce that in conjunction with the Georgetown Highland Games, we’ll be offering a Dress and Deportment prize. This prize is completely separate from the musical competitions throughout the day, and will be awarded to the best band across all grades who demonstrate the best dress and field discipline during massed bands. The winning band will be awarded a cash prize. The full details of the prize and the evaluation criteria will be discussed during the band meeting.

Finally, we have a full list of competitors for our CPA graded contests on Friday night at 7:00. In our Silver Medal qualifier, we have 10 highly skilled competitors playing for a spot in the Silver Medal contests. All are encouraged to come and watch. The full orders of play and location details can be found on our contest page.

See everyone at Georgetown next weekend!

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