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Gandy Foundation Charity Fund-raising success

The Bruce Gandy Bagpiping Development Society [associated with the Bruce Gandy Foundation, a registered charity] February 2021 online competition was very well received by all. The theme that required people to learn and perform modern and Canadian tunes was appreciated. All of the judges were happy to donate their time so that all proceeds (over $2000) were able to go directly to the BGBDS charity.

It was particularly enjoyable being able to hear the different tune choices that were submitted, with some competitors playing tunes they had written themselves. There were a few repeat tunes submitted, but largely we heard an excellent variety.

We plan to do more of these themed competitions in the future to continue to raise money to invest back into the piping community.

The prize list follow with the tune composed by a Canadian listed first followed by the player’s modern offering:


  1. Calum Watson, Henningham Reunion (Bruce Gandy) and The Killer B’s (Calum Watson)

  2. James MacHattie, Dunrovin Farm hornpipe (Michael Grey arr. James MacHattie), Michael MacDonald’s Jig (Jim McGillivray), Calum and The Princess (Scott MacAulay)

  3. Daniel Carr, Mrs. Adeline Duncan (Colin Magee), Silver Creek (J. MacHattie)

  4. Andrew Donlon, Colin Mackay (Reay Mackay), The Great South Bay (John Bertino)

  5. Ross Miller, Colin Mackay (R Mackay), Murray and Jaqui Ross of Torri Dhu (Ross Miller)

  6. Aidan Bowen, Annette’s Chatter (B Gandy), The Black Sticks of the Devil (Dr Angus MacDonald)


  1. Joe Biggs, Colin Mackay (R Mackay), Callum Moffatt’s (Chris Armstrong)

  2. Kyle Cameron, Henningham Reunion (B Gandy), DI Brown’s Mod (Finlay Johnston)

  3. Connor Eckert, Patrick’s Revelations (Alex Gandy), The Stonecutter’s Phoenix (Mark Saul)

  4. Henry Paluch, Dileas Gu Brath and The Babbling Brook (both Henry Paluch)

  5. Jessica Bain, Patrick’s Revelations (A Gandy), Welcome to Stornoway (B Gandy)

  6. Liam Murray – Crouse’s Muse (Parker Bell), Black Sticks of the Devil (Dr A. MacDonald))

Submitted by Alex Gandy, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

If you or your organization have news or information updates you think would be of interest to members of The Pipers’ & Pipe Band Society of Ontario please send it along to Michele Curtis, Secretary, PPBSO.


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