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For PPBSO Massed Bands Next Summer!

Congratulations to Pipe Major Tyler Bridge who was the winner of The Pipers’ & Pipe Band Society of Ontario’s recent 75th anniversary composing competition. His winning tune, The Diamond Anniversary March, will be played by the massed bands participating at the games on next year’s PPBSO summer circuit of games. 2022 is the PPBSO’s 75th year of existence: our “diamond” anniversary.

Tyler has provided scores and helpful recordings of both melody and harmony for bands to easily learn his melodic piece. Drummers can look to the 4/4 time score in the newly-published cadences published last November.

Bagpipe scores can be downloaded here:

“The Diamond Anniversary March” – recording of melody only

“The Diamond Anniversary March” – recording of melody with harmony

Tyler Bridge, winning composer, “The Diamond Anniversary March”

Tyler wins a fully-paid 2022 PPBSO membership in addition to a beautifully crafted full-size engraved practice chanter courtesy of McCallum Bagpipes, one of the piping world’s most reliable friends.


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