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Cobourg Games: Info for attendees

As of today the weather forecast for Cobourg Highland Games this coming Saturday, September 11, is perfect!

By now all those bands participating in the games should have received passes for entry. Additionally, all participating solo competitors who are not competing with a pipe band should have received their games pass. If you are a member of a pipe band and have not received your pass please contact your Pipe Major or band manager. If any competing band (or soloist not competing in a band) has not received their passes please contact our PPBSO, Administrator.

Cobourg Highland Games: First full-on games in Canada since 2019!

Please note that refunds for admission will not be available to band or solo competitors who pay cash at the gate (i.e. those who might forget or misplace their pass). The PPBSO pass issued in advance to competitors is required.

Covid-19 “track and trace” protocol: On presentation of their PPBSO pass at the gate participants will be asked if they are competing in a band or as a soloist. If competing in a band simply provide the name of your band. No further information should be required. If competing as a soloist alone (i.e. not competing in a band in the afternoon) your name and contact phone number must be provided (as is currently the norm with restaurants, etc.).

Order of play and contest start times can be found here. A reminder a representative from each competing band is required to be present at the 11:00 am band meeting at the PPBSO tent. Note that the Open Piobaireachd event will be showcased in the Band Shell.

The opening ceremony will begin at 11:45 am. It will last no more than 30 minutes. Bands will enter the field in three groups or “waves”. Spacing of playing members of each band should be two metres apart. Once all bands are on the field there will be no counter-march. Massed bands will play standing in place and depart the field in their cohort group. The final massed bands of the day will follow the same protocol.

The Peel Regional Police Pipe Band (G2) is this year’s Duty Band.

A reminder that all games attendees should have a face mask ready to wear as required. For example, when queuing for beer tent tickets a mask is required. The mask is not required once seated in the beer tent.

Cobourg Highland Games has provided a “Frequently Asked Questions” page off their website.

Saturday is shaping up to be a great and historic day! The first full-on competitive Highland Games in Canada since 2019! See you there!


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