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1950s Scoresheet!

The Pipers’ & Pipe Band Society of Ontario recently received some items of ephemera (and reeds!) that come from the piping world of 1950s Ontario. Scott Harrison, of the Toronto Police Pipe Band organization, passed the material along courtesy of Linda Ferrier. The documents and reeds belonged to her father, Grant Ferrier, who was a piper in the 48th Highlanders of Canada Pipes and Drums.

Pictured here is a precursor to today’s more detailed score sheet, “Official Judging Score Card”. Judging of solo piping, as you can see, was calculated based on a points-driven division of performance elements. Half points were permitted. It would be another 50 years before the points system would be replaced by a performance ranking system. Note the founding listed name of the PPBSO, “The Pipers’ Society of Ontario”. Our current name, The Pipers’ & Pipe Band Society of Ontario, didn’t come into existence until April 1966.

You may find it interesting to note that execution, or technique, was given maximum weight in the scoring of performances. Note, too, “deportment”, counted in the overall score.

Grant Ferrier is the competitor listed. The judge is the famous John Wilson. He immigrated to the Toronto area from Edinburgh in 1949. Grant Ferrier’s tune appears to be, “H’d W’g”, or, it might be assumed, “Highland Wedding”.

Thanks to Scott Harrison and Linda Ferrier for allowing us this fascinating look into our past!


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