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The PPBSO’s Inaugural "Drumming Summit” Announced

The Pipers' and Pipe Band Society of Ontario (PPBSO) is pleased to announce that its inaugural "Drumming Summit" will be held on March 30th.

The PPBSO's Toronto Branch's Indoor Games are a long-standing tradition. The Games have graciously agreed to host the Drumming Summit event and integrate it into their schedule for the day.  One hour and a half will be allocated to the summit between solos and band performances.

Drumming Summit panel discussions will be moderated by the venerable Drew Duthart, Dave Fenton, Jamie Alfred, and Kahlil Cappuccino.

The PPBSO's inaugural Drumming Summit will ideally act as a catalyst for future events, greater engagement, and a broader discussion about improving and enhancing drumming culture in Ontario.

Participants in this first summit will be limited to two drummers from each band being represented (ideally Lead-Tip and Leader of the midsection). Teachers and instructors are asked to contact the education committee to confirm attendance.

Response to our online survey has been incredible and drummers from across Ontario (and beyond) have submitted numerous ideas and concerns about recruitment, retention, and development.

Note that another summit with a wider range of participants is being tentatively scheduled for the fall.  Anyone with questions can contact the education committee directly -