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Solo Tenor Grade Structure Changes

For 2016, the tenor drumming solo competition categories will be changed from novice, amateur, and professional to grades five through one and professional.

In years past, non-professional tenor drumming solos had only two levels: novice and amateur. As interest in tenor solos has increased, we have observed that these two categories are no longer sufficient and both categories appear to have very experienced and very inexperienced people playing in the same grade (in 2015, the novice division included players who were in their first year of playing tenor as well as those who had been playing in bands for several years, and amateur similarly had a spread of ability, from grade 1 band members downward) We understand that some competitors felt that they did not have a fair competitive chance with such a broad range of experience and ability represented in each event.

With an interest in creating an event where competitors are competing against players of similar ability, the PPBSO will be expanding the categories for amateur tenor solos in 2016 to increase the number of categories. The new tune requirements will be better aligned with those for snare solos, which will hopefully help tenor drummers find snare drummer accompaniment when needed.

New levels and tune requirements for tenor drumming solos:

  1. Professional – MSR and Hornpipe/Jig

  2. Grade 1 – MSR and Hornpipe/Jig

  3. Grade 2 – MSR (4-4-4 parts min)

  4. Grade 3 – MSR (4-4-4 parts min)

  5. Grade 4 – 4-parted 2/4 march

  6. Grade 5 – 2-parted 2/4 march

Current competitors (those have competed within the past two years) will be automatically assigned new grades by the Music Committee. This assignment will be completed by the end of 2015, and the players will be notified shortly thereafter. It is generally expected that players in Novice Tenor will be assigned to grade 4 and Amateur Tenor will be assigned to either grade 3 or grade 2 as appropriate. Players who would have been upgraded under the old system will be assigned a grade based upon the upgrade (for example, players who would have been upgraded from Novice to Amateur Tenor under the old system will be assigned a new grade as if they were already in Amateur).

For former competitors who plan to compete again, we request that you either let the PPBSO know that you would like a grade assignment by filling out an upgrade form and submitting it to the Administrator. All regrading requests must be submitted before March 1st, 2016 and all appeals made by March 31st, 2016.

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