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PPBSO Teachers' List Alive and Kicking!

The Pipers' & Pipe Band Society of Ontario has long-needed an easily accessible database of piping and drumming teachers. After many years aiming to publish a comprehensive list of province-wide teachers the PPBSO Education Committee finally pulled it off earlier this year.

The list is available on the PPBSO website here.

A prospective teacher may apply through the online application process and once approved by the chair of the music board their details will be published on the PPBSO website.

In addition to individual teachers, a band or community organization may also be listed if they have a formal teaching program.

Those interested in applying to have their name join the list can apply here.

During the “Come & Try” tents this year hundreds of cards were given out with a QR code that directed anyone interested to the new PPBSO list of teachers.

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