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Piping Live! Everyone! Join the Big Band!

Join the Piping Live! festival’s International Big Band! You don’t have to be in Glasgow to participate! Visiting Scotland? Great! Take part in person. But members of the PPBSO can easily participate without leaving the province!

From Piping Live promoters:

“Piping Live! is delighted to be bringing back the Piping Live! Big Band for 2022, but we know there are so many pipers and drummers who can’t be in Glasgow for the week. If you would like to support a great charity, and take part in the Piping Live! celebrations, here’s how you can join the first ever International Big Band. 

  1. Register to play by donating at least £5 through paypal

  2. You will be sent the list of Big Band sets, as well as a special poster, which you can print out.

  3. On Monday 8th August between 12 noon UK time and 11 pm UK time (at a time suitable to you and your performance location), play through the sets.

  4. We would love you to record a video or photograph of your performance and tag us in it on social media, with your event poster in shot.

More information and register here:

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