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New PPBSO Community Outreach Officer role!

The Board of Directors of The Pipers' & Pipe Band Society of Ontario today unanimously approved the establishment of a new role, Community Outreach Officer. The introduction of this position is aimed at tapping into opportunities that exist across the province to develop both piping and drumming educational programs and general promotional prospects that might support the development of our music.

"We know that connecting with schools and their administrators in a meaningful way takes real time and effort; knowing this, the PPBSO board wanted to call out the critical importance of this task by establishing this role - one so common in many not-for-profit organizations," said Michael Grey, PPBSO president, adding, "rather than place the task on the shoulders of already time-constrained board and committee members this new role feels the right way to go."

More information will be provided to members as the role is developed and resourced. In the meantime, the draft role description, as approved by the board, follows here:

Job Description

A relationship management role primarily responsible for ensuring the PPBSO has a connection, where and when it makes sense, with school boards and community groups (i.e. organized youth clubs, service clubs, cross-cultural groups) in order to help support PPBSO promotion and educational initiatives. A piping and drumming “missionary”: their mission: to promote piping and drumming to schools and other non-traditional audiences.

Additional detail:

  • Until the best organizational alignment can be determined this role will be aligned with the Executive Committee of the PPBSO

  • Works in collaboration with PPBSO leadership and chairs of the Music and Education committees

  • In collaboration with PPBSO leadership initiates and coordinates efforts to publicize and promote piping and drumming education

  • In order to capitalize on existing connections, establishes relationships with schools already involved in piping and drumming education in Ontario

  • With support from Communications committee - and other cross-PPBSO committees as appropriate - develops effective and targeted presentation material for schools and other appropriate audiences for piping and drumming “outreach”

  • Conducts post-event evaluations and reports on outcomes

  • Outreach, liaise with, and recruit individuals who might support PPBSO outreach efforts (i.e. piping or drumming “ambassadors”)

  • Works collaboratively with PPBSO leadership, board and committee members and senior members of the PPBSO in order to maximize the overall effectiveness of the role (meaning its “do-ability”)

  • Acknowledging this is a new role the incumbent will work with PPBSO leadership and appropriate committee members to further define and refine the PPBSO Outreach Officer role


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