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Calling Drummers! Massed drum fanfare @Maxville!

Drew Duthart, lead drummer of the 78th Fraser Highlanders Pipe Band, will lead a corps of drummers in the closing massed bands of the Glengarry Highland Games in Maxville, Ontario.

The piece to be played is his father’s iconic drum score, “Salute to Max Rayne”. Alex Duthart can been seen performing the fanfare in this clip from 1986 (son, Drew, is directly to his left):

Said Drew Duthart, “I would like to extend an invitation to everyone that can play through the complete salute to come and join in, it would be great to get as many drummers, snare, bass and mid-section players up there and give it a go …”

Drew put the call out on social media and, in order to have an idea of how many might be participating, is hoping to hear directly from those interested via personal messages or comments to his public post. Those not on social media and interested in taking part can drop a line here for Drew Duthart's contact info.

He adds, “ … we could have a quick run through prior to [final] massed bands at the pipers pub, next to the PPBSO admin tent, if just for everyone to get a sense of what we want to do, to line up and get up in front of the grand stand, etc”.

“The Maxville grandstand audience is massive so this is a golden opportunity to highlight and promote pipe band drumming excellence to the general public,” said Michael Grey, PPBSO president, “The PPBSO is grateful to Drew Duthart for leading this initiative; its sure to be a highlight of the games!”


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