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Update: Cobourg Games Parking

A message from the organizers of the Cobourg Highland Games to PPBSO member games participants:

The Town of Cobourg has started charging $5.00 an hour for street parking around Victoria Park, all the way east to Donegan Park [see map pictured].

This is the area where a lot of the pipe bands park.

We have permission for people to park at Donegan Park, and we also have exclusive use of the parking lot on Swayne Street.

It has 71 regular and 7 handicapped parking spots.

In summary: FREE parking for bands and soloists at Donegan Park and on Swayne Street.

Barriers will be set up at the entrances to Swayne Street to ensure this is a parking area for participating pipers and drummers only.

Note: the Swayne Street parking lot is accessible from Division Street. It is also called St Timothy’s, as the church also uses it.

See the attached map and circled Swayne Street parking lot: marked, “Saturday Parking” or here for a view on Google Maps.

Note, too, the games is also running a shuttle bus from various areas around Cobourg.


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