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Solo Contests: Competitor Reminder

A late-season reminder to all solo competitors of two rules from our rule book that they need to note:

C-4.1 Report to Steward. Competitors shall report to the steward for each event no later than the commencement of the event. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. 

This rule is in place for a number of reasons, including to ensure the person administering and controlling the competition – the steward:

  1. Is aware of the how many competitors will be playing that day and, so, manage effectively, including advising competitors of the potential to play sooner than planned due to no-shows

  2. Has the information needed to move playing order in order to accommodate schedule conflicts with other events

  3. Can effectively plan any brief break that might be required by the judge

C-4.2 Tuning Time. Piping competitors shall adhere to the following tuning times: for piobaireachd, a limit of 5 minutes; for all other events, a limit of 3 minutes. Individuals exceeding the allowable tuning times may be disqualified.

  1. Maximum tuning limits need to be followed in order to ensure contest momentum is maintained

  2. The competition is completed as scheduled in order to accommodate other events planned for that performance space (i.e. massed bands or another solo contest)

  3. The steward will make every effort to signal to a player that tuning time has reached its limit (e.g. by pointing to their watch)

  4. Competitors should know that exceeding a notice of exceeded tuning time may result in disqualification

Thanks to all who responded to our recent call-out for stewards. We received many enthusiastic responses from those interested to help!

Tuning limits: 3 minutes light music and 5 minutes for piobaireachd