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PPBSO Judges’ Seminar Welcomes the World!

The Piper’s and Pipe Band Society of Ontario is about to host what may well be the largest and most international adjudicators’ seminar ever held.

One of the few good things to arise from the pandemic is the widespread use of communication technology. Video communication with applications like Zoom are the norm. Connecting people has become fast, easy and inexpensive. With this The Pipers’ & Pipe Band Society of Ontario has been enabled to invite piping and drumming judges from around the globe to its annual adjudication workshop.

The workshop is set for Saturday, April 17th, co-ordinated by the PPBSO’s Music Committee, with this year’s session spearheaded by committee members Hugh Cameron and Pipe Major Alan Clark. The aim of the workshop is to support the sharing of knowledge and perspectives that might enhance a judge’s kitbag of skills with a view to support the best outcomes for all competitors.

This year’s seminar covers both solo and band areas of expertise.

Guest panelists include Hugh Cameron, Ken Eller, Harvey Dawson, Kate Dudek, Kyle Heaney, Mike Hunter, Brian McCue, Rab Mathieson, John Wilson and Bob Worrall.

Peter Aumonier, Andrea Boyd and Steven Hill will each be moderating a panel discussion.

The workshop is scheduled to begin at 8:30 AM (EDT) with participants spanning no fewer than 12 time zones.

Current registration has the PPBSO anticipating over 100 participants from organizations that include:

Alberta Society of Pipers & Drummers, Atlantic Canada Pipe Band Association, The British Columbia Pipers’ Association, The Eastern United States Pipe Band Association, The Irish Pipe Band Association, Midwest Pipe Band Association, Pipe Bands’ Association of South Africa, The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association, Solo Piping Judges’ Association (Scotland), and The Western United States Pipe Band Association.

The PPBSO’s current judging panel can be viewed here. For more information on PPBSO judging certification see pages 8-12 of the rule book. If you would like to enquire further about becoming a judge please email the PPBSO’s Administrator for additional information.


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