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Ottawa Branch 50th Anniversary History Series: Colin MacLellan

Courtesy of the PPBSO’s Ottawa Branch:

Our many thanks to Colin MacLellan (photo: courtesy John Slavin) for contributing to the History Series. Thank you as well to Brian Williamson and Jack Coghill Jr. for their contributions to this article.

Colin MacLellan was born in Dingwall, Ross-shire in 1958, the family moving to Edinburgh shortly afterwards in order for his father to take up the position of Chief Instructor at the Army School of Piping in Edinburgh Castle.

Colin started playing in Open competitions in 1976. He moved to Canada in 1977 at eighteen years of age and spent the next 22 years in the province of Ontario. During his time in Canada Colin won every professional piping competition in North America. In Scotland he has won both Gold Medals at Oban and Inverness as well as the Silver Chanter at Dunvegan Castle twice in succession. In bands, he has led and been a member of many top flight corps, several of which reached the Grade 1 level through his leadership.


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