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Kincardine Solos Update

Due to a shortage of judges and the early start time for the grade 5 bands at Kincardine on Saturday, changes to the order of play, judging assignments, and event start times for a number of solo events have been made. Please check the updated order of play on the PPBSO website at and verify the start time for each of your events. We apologize for the inconvenience, but the adjustments were required.

Saturday will be a busy day running on an incredibly tight schedule. All competitors are required to check in with the steward for each contest by the beginning of the event. Competitors who fail to check in on time or are absent when its their turn to compete risk being disqualified for the event and receiving a result of Did Not Play (DNP). With everyone’s cooperation and attention, the day will run smoothly for both you and your fellow competitors.


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