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Grade 4 Band Requirements

On Saturday, the PPBSO’s Board of Directors met to discuss the grade 4 band musical requirements. On the recommendation of the Music Committee, the Board has approved a change to these requirements. Starting with the 2017 competitive season, the grade 4 mini-MSR will be replaced with a March Medley.

As in previous years, the contest requirements in grade 4 will alternate from contest to contest in a given year. At any given contest, grade 4 bands will be required to play either one of medley of 3 to 5 minutes duration or one march medley of tunes, played in quick time, of 2 minutes 45 seconds to 4 minutes 30 seconds duration.

Although there will be those who are disappointed with the change, we firmly believe that the previous requirements we proving too onerous for bands making the transition from grade 5 to grade 4. It is our hope that by making this change to the requirements, that both grades 4 and 5 will become strongly competitive for all bands within the grade.

The PPBSO will continue to monitor the performance of these grades and the progression of bands from grade 4 to 3, and will make any necessary adjustments in the future necessary to continue to promote the health of our bands and the proper promotion of bands through the grades as appropriate.

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