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Cobourg Highland Games 2013 Results

The PPBSO’s return to Cobourg after a 14 year hiatus saw Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia, one of the World’s top Grade 1 bands, claim the top prize in the Grade 1 MSR contest.   Ottawa Police utilized the new “challenge up” rule to augment their winning Grade 2 medley performance with a very solid showing in the Grade 1 contest.

Boghall and Bathgate

The beautiful sunshine and clear skies, together with what will surely be seen as one of the very best venues on the Ontario circuit on the waterfront at Victoria park, proved to be very hospitable to our visiting band from Scotland. Following a successful rendition of their “Forte” concert on Friday night, the “Boggies” put together a very solid set, taking 1sts from all of the judges.  Toronto Police proved to be the best in Ontario, taking 2nd place on the day, with Peel Regional Police finishing 3rd.

Ian K. MacDonald was the professional piper of the day.  Zack Miller was the professional drummer of the day.

Ian K 2

Amateur piper of the day was again Tyler Johnson.  Kyle Wardell was the amateur drummer of the day.


Kyle Wardell

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