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Band and Solo Upgrades

Based on the recommendation of the Music Committee, the Board of Directors has approved the following band and solo upgrades for the 2019 season.

Band Upgrades Grade 3 to 2 Toronto Police

Grade 4 to 3 8 Wing

Grade 5 to 4 Peel Regional Police Guelph Pipe Band

Solo Piping – Light Music

Grade 2 to Grade 1 Callum Gauthier Harrison Little Michael Malish Henry Paluch Chris Scharf

Grade 3 to Grade 2 Alec Baker Christopher Finlay Janet French Roy Huang Connor McCutcheon Victoria McRae John David Mitchell Matthew Parsons

Grade 4 to Grade 3 Paul Brunning Yunus Caglar James Doucette Thomas Helland Rhys Fitzpatrick Alexander MacDonald Caleb Macpherson Tyler Redford

Grade 5 to Grade 4 Jillian Bunston Ethan Flynn Paul Lofthouse Jeremy Rostirolla Thomas Rozon Ian Wyllie

Practice Chanter to Grade 5 Megan Drake Declan Fox-Ivey Cameron Fradette Iain Lynch Nathale Roy

Solo Piping – Piobaireachd

Intermediate to Senior Callum Gauthier Jazz Kersell Michael Malish Henry Paluch

Junior to Intermediate Gregory Joseph Harrison Little Alexander MacDonald Caleb Macpherson Chris Scharf

Novice to Junior Alek Baker Paula Campbell Christopher Finlay Connor McCutcheon Sarah MacKinnon Jeremy Rostirolla Danielle Williams

Solo Snare Drumming

Grade 5 to Grade 4 Grant Fox-Ivey Julia Williams

Please note that due to a timing issue, the Bass and Tenor upgrades are awaiting final approval. These will be announced after they’re approved and the members affected notified of their upgrade